We here at Booty Dynamics and Whole Soul Living believe in taking a holistic approach to health. Your body, mind, heart and life need to be working as one healthy unit.

Let us support you to uncover, refine and achieve your goals, with our tailored training, nutrition and self-empowerment programs.

Living a healthy, happy life, eating delicious foods & nourishing your body from the inside out, should not be overwhelming, complicated and should not need to involve extreme & drastic measures.

I want to help you experience how simple, easy & delicious it can be to live your best life yet.

I’m Brie, a holistic health Coach, Food Educator , Personal Trainer & healthy living, wellness nut, who strives by teaching people to live a healthy happy life through nutrition, movement & loads of self-love so you can unblock barriers, release food fears and own your worth!

I’m some would say…overly excited with this philosophy and sharing some simple ways you too can make incredible changes in your world to live a deliciously healthy, happy life.

I love sharing my ideas, recipes & tips to ensure you live in a fad diet free world filled with epic food, great workouts that are not served with a platter of stress, deprivation & self sabotage.

You too can become deliciously healthy, soulfully happy & Own your worth!

No long complicated lists & recipes, food restrictions, nor hours of cooking.

My values & my website are a platform for delicious, real food recipes, real life stories, health & fitness tips & tricks; it is a journey to a destination for you to find exciting and realistic ideas about the incredible possibilities there are for your health & wellbeing.

My journey has had many bumpy bits, many struggles ( and I have no doubt there will be many many more) as I am flawed, perfectly imperfect and it is because of this I feel confident for you to be able to share your journey with me!  I’m real, I’m raw, I don’t sugar coat(coconut sugar) things & I love to learn, grow and explore how to become a better version of me. Seeing, supporting & hearing changes that occur for you on your own journey to finding your perfectly imperfect healthy you is what my goal is . XX