About Me

Living a healthy, happy life, eating delicious foods & nourishing your body from the inside out,
should not be overwhelming, complicated and should not need to involve extreme & drastic measures. 

I want to help you experience how simple, easy & delicious it can be to
live your best life yet.

Hi, I’m Brie

A raging health & wellness advocate, undercover self comedian, whole-food and clean-living enthusiast, sun worshipper, lover of bullet proof coffees, bone broths, eco-friendly products are life and i am obsessed with all kinds of stiff cocky’s (Cocktails) – Negroni’s give me all them feels.

I strive on teaching women how to reprogram their health + body, loose weight permanently + get a kick ass relationship with food, exercise & most importantly yourself.

I am, as some would say “overly passionate” with this philosophy and sharing simple ways to help you make incredible changes in your life in order to live an epic, healthy, & happy life.

My lifestyle hasn’t always been healthy, &  and I definitely have not been happy with the person i was or the bodysuit that I live in. I too, have had my fair share of body image , food and life battles, so I am here to help you learn that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am driven by a holistic approach which I incorporate into my huge love of food, workouts, wellness ideas, recipes and different tips & tricks I have learnt along the way within my own personal  journey.

My goal is to ensure that we have the knowledge and support to live in a fad diet-free world filled with yummy whole foods, great workouts & that these are not served with a platter of stress, deprivation & self sabotage.

My journey has had many successes  & struggles ( no doubt there will be many more to come) as i’m flawed, perfectly imperfect and it is because of this that I feel confident for you to be able to share your journey with me! I’m real, I’m raw, I don’t sugar coat things & I love to learn, grow and explore how to become a better version of me.


I hope to create change in your world by encouraging you to become
Deliciously healthy, Soulfully happy & Own your worth ! 

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